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The Hertz Network project is much different from most crypto projects in the market. It runs on its own blockchain and incorporates various features that only few projects in the market can offer.

The development team focuses on making Hertz Network usable in the real world and easy for users both inside and outside the crypto world.

With or without any blockchain experience, anyone can simply make transactions, trade, hold, and enjoy rewards by using Hertz Network tools like wallets, token creation, and HertzSwap (to be launched in Q1 2022).

Key qualities that differentiate Hertz Network from most other crypto projects are:

  • Fast
  • Feeless
  • DEFI
  • Token Creation
  • Autostaking
  • Cross-chain Swap
  • Built to Last


As its name suggests, transactions on Hertz Network takes 0.5 second to transfer and around 50 seconds to become irreversible.

The Hertz Network blockchain is among the fastest blockchain networks in the market. With our fast confirmation times, Hertz Coin (HTZ) and HNC-20 Tokens are ready to be used for real-life transactions.

Everyone can easily send and receive feeless transactions on the Hertz Network with user-friendly HTZ desktop, mobile or web wallet.

Most crypto projects in the market take several minutes to confirm, not suitable for the real-world application.


Everyone can easily send and receive feeless transactions on the Hertz Network with user-friendly HTZ desktop, mobile or web wallet.

Most crypto projects have transaction fees, and many are quite expensive.​​


The HertzSwap defi platform will allow users to easily swap HTZ with HNC-20 Tokens, HTZ ERC-20, HTZ BEP-20, ETH, and BNB. HTZ/ERC-20 tokens and HTZ/BEP-20 tokens trading pairs will also be available on HertzSwap. Any HNC-20 token can be added to HertzSwap.​

Most DeFi projects don’t have their own token system. They just provide DeFi functionality for other blockchains. ​​


Creating your own cryptocurrency has never been easier! You can create your own cryptocurrency/token (HNC-20) anywhere from your mobile device or PC for your club, school, community, organization, or business very easily. It will take just seconds for your newly created HNC-20 token to appear in your web wallet.

After Q4 2021, you will be able to trade your token with HTZ and other tokens here at HertzSwap Defi Platform!

Only a handful of crypto projects have token creation functionality.​​


HTZ AUTOSTAKING is a hassle-free reward system for HTZ holders. Simply hold 500,000 HTZ or more in an eligible wallet account at the time of the snapshot, and AUTOSTAKE rewards will be automatically sent to your wallet account. The monthly AUTOSTAKE rewards will be 2% per month (compound interest of 26.82% per year), and then decreasing 0.15% each year after 2022. All AUTOSTAKE rewards will be fully distributed in 2027.

Snapshots will be taken every 25th day of each month at 5:00PM GMT, and AUTOSTAKE rewards will be distributed in the 1st week of the following month.

Most crypto projects require users to turn on the wallet 24/7 in order to receive rewards.​​


HTZ is only one of a few cryptocurrencies besides USDT that can be easily swapped between different chains at supporting exchanges.

Just choose HTZ, HTZ ERC-20, or HTZ BEP-20 during withdrawal to suit your need.

Besides USDT, very few other cryptocurrencies have this convenient functionality.​​


With its own DeFi platform and sizable development fund, the Hertz Network project will have sufficient resources to sustain its growth in the foreseeable future.​

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