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An eligible wallet account to receive HTZ Autostake Rewards is a web wallet or registered Hertz desktop wallet account that has more than 500,000 native HTZ coin

1) 500,000 native HTZ 

  • If you already have native HTZ coin, you can just send your HTZ to the Hertz web wallet or desktop wallet.
  • If you have HTZ ERC-20 token or HTZ BEP-20 token, please make sure to swap them to native HTZ first at supporting exchanges: CatEx.ioXt.com or Dex-Trade.com. Just simply deposit your HTZ ERC-20 or HTZ BEP-20 at one the above exchanges, and withdraw native HTZ to your web or desktop wallet.

2) A Web Wallet or Registered Desktop Wallet Account

  • If you keep your HTZ coin in your web wallet at hertz-network.com, then you’re all set.
  • If you keep your HTZ coin in your desktop wallet, make sure to register your desktop wallet account on the Settings Page (gear icon) at wallet.hertz-network.com.
  • All exchange accounts are not eligible to receive Autostake Rewards.
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