HTZ AUTOSTAKING is a hassle-free reward system for HTZ holders. It differs from regular staking in that the rewards are paid monthly and are not dependent on having an open wallet with the staking function enabled. Essentially, your wallet can be closed and your coins could even be moved, until the time of the quarter snapshot when they would need to be present in your wallet in order to get the AUTOSTAKE rewards.

Simply hold 500,000 HTZ or more in an an eligible wallet account at the time of the snapshot, and AUTOSTAKE rewards will be automatically sent to your wallet account.  Snapshots will be taken every 25th day of each month at 5:00PM GMT, and AUTOSTAKE rewards will be distributed in the 1st week of the following month.

The monthly AUTOSTAKE rewards will be 2% per month (compounded 26.82% per year), and then decreasing 0.15% each year after 2022. All AUTOSTAKE rewards will be fully distributed in 2027. 

Learn more about HTZ AUTOSTAKING.

The initial HTZ supply is around 28.95 billion.
Please see our coin economics for more details.

The HTZ inflation rate is less than 1% a year, much lower than many other blockchain projects.

The inflation is derived from block rewards of 4 HTZ per block payable to block producers who run powerful servers to accommodate fast and stable Hertz Network blockchain. 

Additionally,  the block rewards help make feeless transactions on Hertz Network blockchain possible.

Chances are that demand growth for HTZ will surpass the inflation because HTZ coin is needed as a payment for creating HNC-20 tokens. 

The team has a preliminary action plan for 2021, including token creation feature and Defi service by Q3, 2021. Please see our roadmap for further details.
HTZ was first listed on Dex-Trade.com in May 2021.
During June – July 2021, HTZ was listed on 7 more exchanges: XT.com, Indoex.io, Finexbox.com, catex.io, Coinsbit.io, UniSwap and PancakeSwap. Please see the full list of exchanges here.
The team is planning to get HTZ listed on more exchanges in the coming months. If you would like to support future HTZ exchange listings, kindly donate here.

Hertz Network is a community project and team members are volunteers from the community. We currently have 8 core members and volunteers heading the following departments.

  • Blockchain development
  • Software development
  • Graphics design
  • Marketing
  • Airdrop promotion
  • Community management
  • Finance
  • Operation
  • Product development