Learn everything about Hertz Network


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How To Install BSC on Metamask Browser Extension

Install easily the Binance Smart Chain BSC on Metamask extension for browsers to use BEP-20 tokens

◉ BEGINNER - 5:34

How To Install Metamask Browser Extension For Firefox

Install easily the Metamask extension into the Firefox browser (for the support of ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens)


How To Add Liquidity to PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool

In this video we show you how to add HTZ/BNB liquidity to the HTZ liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.

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How to create a HNC-20 Token on HTZ blockchain in seconds

This is a quick video of our token creation function allowing you to create a HNC-20 token in just a few clicks

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How to send HTZ to an exchange

Learn how to send coins from your desktop wallet to the CAT.EX exchange and have a glimpse of the speed of the Hertz Network

◉ BEGINNER - 3:22

How to add the HTZ ERC20 Token to Metamask Browser Extension

In this short video, we show you how to add quickly and easily the HTZ ERC20 token to the popular Metamask extension for Firefox

◉ BEGINNER - 2:28

How to add the HTZ ERC20 Token to Trust Wallet

In this quick video, we show you how to add easily and quickly the HTZ ERC20 token to your Trust Wallet (on Android & iOS)

◉ BEGINNER - 9:51

What is Autostaking And How to stake your Hertz Coins

Learn how the Hertz Coin Autostake function works and the payment schedule over the next 2 years until April 2023

◉ BEGINNER - 2:49

Learn About Blockchain Project - Hertz Network Light Paper

In this video presentation of our June 2021 lightpaper, we look at some of the awesome features built into the HTZ blockchain

◉ BEGINNER - 8:29

How To Make Crypto Transactions on The Hertz Network

Using the Hertz Network wallets, we demonstrate how simple it can be to send and receive digital currency

◉ BEGINNER - 6:16

HTZ Desktop Wallet Windows Installation Guide

In this video, we show you how to create a HTZ Desktop Wallet in the Windows 10 Operating System

◉ BEGINNER - 3:53

Create an HTZ account and a Webwallet in less than 4 minutes

Learn how to create an account on the Hertz Network website and how to create a web wallet account for your HTZ Coins